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Humanities Department

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Humanities Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with a set of courses that will enable them to develop a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of their community and the world, as well as examine their assumptions, biases, and preconceptions about the world and its inhabitants. Our aim is to help students develop both as individuals and as active citizens by learning how to contextualize, think critically, and communicate effectively.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The mission of the ESL Program is to provide instruction and support to help students who speak English as a second or additional language develop the academic English skills and awareness of cultural norms and standards needed to succeed at an American university.​


At its core, the Humanities and Philosophy program attempts to engage the overarching question of ‘What does it mean to be human?’ The response to such a question has a plethora of possibilities, and the program introduces students to the diversity of that conversation. The study of humanities is an opportunity to explore humanity through art, literature, philosophy, culture, history, and politics using multiple disciplinary lenses. The program is for creative individuals who are looking for a diverse education that is both theoretical and pragmatic. It is a venue where one can explore the global and the local, and where past and present are in consistent dialogue.  Students in this program learn to think critically about complex issues and questions, articulate their thoughts, and explore how people in different times and cultures have expressed their beliefs on the nature of equality and justice.  The program is designed to prepare both students who plan to enter the career field immediately after graduation as well as those looking to attend graduate study in the liberal arts, law school, or MBA programs.

Foreign Language

Every student should have the opportunity to study a foreign language (American Sign Language, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish).  The goal of our foreign languages department is to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in order to prepare our students for any kind of language endeavor, as well as to provide all students the opportunity to develop social and academic linguistic proficiency in a language other than English.  Through this experience students see the connections between the study of language and other disciplines, gain greater insight into the cultural aspects of the people who speak the target language, meet a qualification for entrance in a wide choice of colleges and universities, and expand their employment opportunities in the competitive global workforce.

Foreign language classes help students to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the diverse cultures of countries whose languages they are learning.  In addition, knowing a foreign language may well make the difference in getting a job.