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Certificate of English Proficiency

Certificate of English Proficiency

The DSU-ESL program provides a Certificate of English Proficiency at the intermediate and advanced levels. The following courses are required for each Certificate. To receive the certificate, students need to pass each class with a B or higher grade. See here for more details.


Certificate of English Proficiency: Intermediate


Courses Credit Hours
ESL 1500 Intermediate Reading in English 4
ESL 1550 Intermediate Academic Writing 4
ESL 1560 Intermediate English Grammar1500 Intermediate Reading in English 4
ESL 1570 Intermediate Academic Communication 4
ESL 1580 Academic Speaking 4


Certificate of English Proficiency: Advanced

Courses Credit Hours
ESL 2700 Advanced Reading in English 4
ESL 2750 Advanced Academic Writing 4
ESL 2760 Advanced English Grammar 4
ESL 2770 Advanced Academic Communication 4
ESL 2780 Academic Speaking 4