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Spanish Program

Spanish Program

Spanish program at DSU:

The program in Spanish at DSU allows students to immerse themselves in any Spanish-speaking culture. They will be able to use these necessary skills for research, translating and teaching not only the language, but also the literature and the culture of Spanish-speaking country in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. For some students, a humanities degree is an entry step into graduate school.  Several students have been accepted into careers in the medical field after completing a degree in Spanish. We also have several students who are working as secondary education teachers, or elementary teachers in the Dual Language Immersion program.

What about using the acquired knowledge outside of the classroom?

Our students have multiple opportunities to use their knowledge throughout their program: Study abroad programs, interpreting opportunities at schools, and the dental program are some of the opportunities student have.  Because of the interpersonal nature of languages and cultures, all of our courses focus on a communicative approach having our students practice real-life situations in meaningful context. Even upper-division course are far away from the traditional lecture format, since the students are encouraged to actively participate in the classroom.