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Utahtlán: a simulated Spanish country

Utahtlán: a simulated Spanish country

Utahtlán is the simulation of a Spanish-speaking country and a fun communicative experience for students!

Utahtlán is designed as a full-immersion activity for all language levels. After going through customs, students enter into a space in which they can visit a clothing store, photo studio, pharmacy, restaurants, take dance lessons, etc., all in Spanish. Visitors are required to show a passport to participate in these activities. For each activity completed, students earn a stamp in their passport. After completing all activities, students proceed to show their passport to customs officials to obtain a personalized certificate of participation. Teachers and accompanying parents or chaperons do not need a passport; instead Utahtlán authorities will extend to them a pase diplomático.

The Visitor´s Guide to Utahtlán will be delivered to participating schools after enrollment procedures have been completed.

Use the Visitor´s Guide to Utahtlán to practice the different activities in your class. Make them part of your curriculum or use some of the actividades preparatorias. It is very rewarding to the students to see that they can function and have fun in the language using what they have learned in the class.

Please do simulations in your classes and prepare them before coming! Visiting Utahtlán can be as exciting as going to a real Spanish country (almost)!

All students attending the Spanish Fair must participate in at least one competitive event of the ones listed under Spanish Language Competition. Students may not come with the intent of attending Utahtlán only. Participating in the Utahtlán portion of the fair is offered as a reward to those who have worked hard to prepare for the competitions.

Also, please remind students that they cannot use English in Utahtlán (they might end up in jail—it is a terrible offense to the citizens of Utahtlán.)