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Fall 2011

Foreign Language Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
FREN 1010-01 Beginning French I Therese Moore
FREN 2010-01 Intermediate French I Therese Moore
GERM 1010-01 Beginning German I Hans Paul
GERM 2010-01 Intermediate German I Hans Paul
JAPN 1010-50 Beginning Japanese I Richard Mildenhall
JAPN 2010-50 Intermediate Japanese I Hiroko Mowery
SPAN 1010-01 Beginning Spanish I Addison Everett
SPAN 1010-04 Beginning Spanish I Ron Gill, Ed.D.
SPAN 1010-06 Beginning Spanish I Leonor Ceballos, Ph.D.
SPAN 1010-08 Beginning Spanish I Robert Thiess
SPAN 1010-50 Beginning Spanish I David Cluff
SPAN 1020-01 Beginning Spanish II Addison Everett
SPAN 2010-01 Intermediate Spanish I Ana Maria Hawkins
SPAN 3020-01 Conversation / Reading Spanish Ana Maria Hawkins
SPAN 3060-01 Advanced Grammar, Culture and Composition I Ana Maria Hawkins
SPAN 3390-01 Understanding Spanish Literature Leonor Ceballos, Ph.D.
SPAN 4610-01 Survey Peninsular Literature I Leonor Ceballos, Ph.D.

Humanities Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
ASL 1010-01 Beginning American Sign Language I Daniel Radford
ASL 1010-02 Beginning American Sign Language I Linda Jones
ASL 1010-50 Beginning American Sign Language I Brett Hymas
ASL 2010-01 Intermediate American Sign Language I Wendy Jensen
HUM 1010-01 Introduction to the Humanities Ed Reber
HUM 1010-03 Introduction to the Humanities Melanie Hinton
HUM 1010-40 Introduction to the Humanities/ONLINE Matthew Nickerson
HUM 1010-50 Introduction to the Humanities Erin Mylroie
HUM 3030-01 Multicultural Studies Matthew Smith-Lahrman, Ph.D.
HUM 3030-50 Multicultural Studies Melanie Hinton

Philosophy Classes

Class Number Description Teacher
PHIL 1000-01 Introduction to Philosophy Hyrum LaTurner, Ph.D.
PHIL 1000-50H Introduction to Philosophy Philip Ertel
PHIL 1120-01 Social Ethics Hyrum LaTurner, Ph.D.
PHIL 1120-02 Social Ethics Ed Reber
PHIL 1250-01 Reasoning and Rational Decision-Making Hyrum LaTurner, Ph.D.